Camp Creek Schnauzers is a breeder of quality Miniature Schnauzers. Quality stands that I have researched the breed and I have researched the Breeders where I have obtained my bloodlines. We breed for AKC standards and Gentically free offspring.Mini's are 12x12 to 14x14 (measured from shoulder to start of tail). I cannot guarantee size or color but know that my pups will be lovable and healthy.I currently have black Miniature Schnauzers. Schnauzers can be protective, they will give their lives to save yours. They are a highly intelligent dog (the dog with the human brain) with keen eyesight and hearing, are always aware of their surroundings and what is going on around them.  My lines were picked for temperment and health. I breed for companion animals only, although my bloodlines are champion bloodlines and show quality. By purchasing one of my Schnauzers you are commiting to a life time of companionship and never to be out of their site. ( So they think and will tell you about it in their own little ways) My dogs live in my house, outside in their yard to play and are very much a part of the family..All pups are vet checked at 3 days,3 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks.  Purchasing a puppy is a long term commitment. Especially if you are purchasing one of my schnauzers they will be your loyal and go everywhere with you companion.

About the Pups:

All puppies will be wormed at 2,4,6,8 Weeks and are raised in our home.We use preventives only on the direction of the Consulting Veternarians. (Primary Vet, Colorado State and Kansas State Universities). Our puppies are imprinted at birth and are handled,petted ( palpated) upon their bodies feet, legs and ears in such a way as they will be accustomed to being worked with. 1st Shots are given at 6 weeks of age and the next set is to given by your veternarian. Tails and dew claws are docked at 3 days of age ( we will leave tails in tact but full deposit and purchase price must be paid before 3 days of age).Camp Creek Schnauzers does and will not crop ears. Ears are left natural. Most puppied being sold with ears cropped have not and will not be performed by a veternarian before 4 months of age. Puppies are raised in our home and yes they are played with held cuddled and occasionlly end up slept with, most usually they take over my bed.(LOL). Sorry, but we cannot help but to spoil your babies. All puppies will receive a new puppy packet. We can also include bonus materials, blanket with mommie's scent, toy with siblings scent,food packet and of course myself a breeder who cares about my puppies for a lifetime.Pups are raised on Fresh Fruits,Fresh/Frozen low temperature Processed food ( My Ollie, Nom Nom Now).They are also given a high quality kibble.

Camp Creek Schnauzers also request that our dogs never be placed in a dog pound or shelter.If for some reason you cannot keep them we need to know, We will assist in placement or help with approval of a new home.Our puppies are an important part of our family and place them with them becoming the same for your family. I have a come home policy and they are always welcome to come back home.

I will do everything I can to reduce unforeseen health risk in your new puppy There are no guarantees as to a perfect and healthy life. I can only try and predict a new puppies health based on past litters. It doesn't always work but I guarantee I will stand by my guarantee and help you obtain a new puppy if the situation should ever arise.

Local pickup only: I want to meet each of my new pet parents face to face ( or as close as possible in these times) If you are out of state then shipping arrangements can be made. Local Delivery to the Front Range Area( Colorado) can be arranged. There is a $ 150.00 service fee, which covers my expenses and time away from the care of other families new puppy.

Shipping Fee: $350.00 to $400.00

Flight Nanny service can be discussed,but very limited at this time.

Deposit and Visits:

Before Birth:

A deposit of $500.00 to hold your puppy at the time of birth and final payment upon pickup. Full payment is expected before any puppy will be shipped, if not puppy will not be shipped and you will forefeit your deposit and puppy will be relisted.


Home visits are not allowed without an approved Questionnaire and Vet reference. This is for our safety and our dogs safety as well. Approved home visits of your puppy are welcome once your puppy reaches 6 weeks of age.